Cost Management
Strategies for Business Decisions

Cost Management
Author:Marc Wouters
ISBN: 9780077132392
Course codes: 1CV10

This book is an adaptation of the successful US text Cost Management by Hilton, Maher and Selto, written specifically for an international audience. Major improvements include: Diverse and truly international examples of organizations - Examples used throughout the book are from all over the world and represent manufacturing, retail, not-for-profit, and service firms in many different countries. Completely restructured and rewritten text - The book has been rewritten, restructured and also shortened significantly to align content closer with international courses. Integral use of spreadsheets - Spreadsheet software is used for explaining techniques and making applications more realistic. In depth research - Summaries of international research studies that address important cost management issues have been updated and more references to recent research findings have been added. Intuitive explanation of accounting - The authors show directly how events impact the balance sheet and profit and loss account.