Consumer Behaviour
A European Perspective

Consumer Behaviour
Author:Michael R. Solomon
ISBN: 9780273772729
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Now in its 5th edition, Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective provides a fully comprehensive, lively and engaging introduction to the behaviour of consumers in Europe and around the world. The book links in consumer behaviour theory with the real life problems faced by practitioners. New To This Edition: New learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter7 new cases have replaced older ones, leaving 16 longer teaching cases in this edition. All of these are written by Europeans about European companies and topics, often with a focus on cross-cultural comparisons. Cases from previous editions will be available on the website. New coverage of sustainable/global consumption, emerging technology, social media and online behaviour/online marketing.Features include Each chapter opens with a short story from a european contributor, new chapter objectives and an introduction. Within the chapter there are Multi-cultural dimensions boxes, Marketing opportunity boxes and Marketing pitfalls boxes which all illustrate the impact consumer behaviour has on marketing activities. There are also regular Consumer Behaviour As I See It boxes featuring marketing professionals talking about the relevance of Consumer behaviour issues in the marketing world. Each chapter closes with a Chapter Summary, a list of key terms and Consumer Behaviour Challenge questions and activities, which engage students minds by putting their understanding and ideas to the test. At the end of each Part of the book there are longer teaching cases, with questions, teaching notes and cases from old editions available online. Online for Students there are multiple choice questions to help test your knowledge, links to useful and interesting websites, an online glossary and revision flashcards. Online for Lecturers there is a fully updated Instructors Manual, PowerPoint slides, a Classic Case bank and a Test bank of questions.