Business Research Methods
Author:Emma Bell
ISBN: 9780199284986
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Business Research Methods is an exciting new text which provides a comprehensive introduction to the area of business research methods. This book is an adaptation of the highly successful Social Research Methods by Alan Bryman. The book gives students an assessment of the contexts within which different methods may be used and how they should be implemented. It covers both quantitative and qualitative research and assesses the significance of this distinction. In addition to giving a thorough introduction to the practice of business research, the book relates issues of research method to wider issues within the business and management field, such as the links between theoretical traditions and the research approach. In an accessible and student friendly manner, the book shows students how to go about doing their own research projects and how to write up their research. The book contains up to date empirical research examples, so providing a text which carefully mixes theoretical issues with practical applications. The book has a colourful and easy to navigate text design and contains a number of student learning features, including case study material, reader's guides, student exercises, vignettes and end of chapter questions. The book will be accompanied by a companion web site which will contain: Lecturer resources; Lecture guide; PowerPoint slides; Discussion questions Student Resources; Research project guide; Multiple choice questions; and Web links.

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