A Complete Course

Author:Robert Alexander Adams & Christopher Essex
ISBN_10: 0321549287
ISBN_13: 9780321549280
Course codes: 2WBB0 wi 2WCB0 2WBB0 en 6A3X0 2DL01 2DL03

For the three-semester calculus course. Proven in North America and abroad, this classic text has earned a reputation for excellent accuracy and mathematical rigour. Previous editions have been praised for providing complete and precise statements of theorems, using geometric reasoning in applied problems, and for offering a range of applications across the sciences. Written in a clear, coherent, and readable form, Calculus: A Complete Course makes student comprehension a clear priority. This seventh edition features a new co-author, Dr. Christopher Essex, who has been invited to contribute his unique style and approach to the subject material. Instructors and students will appreciate revised exercises, greater emphasis on differential equations, new pedagogical features, and an enhanced MyLab.