Atkinson and Hildegard's Introduction to Psychology
Author:Susan Nolen-Hoeksema & Barbara L. Fredrickson & Geoffrey R. Loftus & Willem A. Wagenaar
ISBN_10: 1844807282
ISBN_13: 9781844807284
Course codes: 0HV10 )HV10 OHV10

This 15th edition of Atkinson & Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology retains all the qualities which have established it as one of the leading psychology textbooks of the last 50 years: an accessible student-centered approach, a keen awareness of the latest research developments, and a thorough understanding of the classic landmark studies which have shaped psychology as an academic discipline. Covering all major areas of psychology, this text examines the theories, research and ideas that underpin the subject, providing students with an engaging and rigorous introduction to psychology. By consistently relating psychological concepts to everyday life, and drawing from an internationally diverse range of research, this edition continues to be the relevant, dynamic introductory text for students around the globe.