Universitaire Boeken

Universitaire Boeken is an initiative of three friends (Bas Schleijpen, Joris van Rijn and Friso van de Pol (who’s joined later on)), who realised that studybooks were fiercely attacking students’ cash. By enrolling a nationwide network of decentralized sites, we hope to minimize the yearly damage.

The advantages of decentralized sites are massive. All issues regarding the shipment of books dissapear because everyone is enrolled at the same university, making the selling/buying of books cheaper, more reliable and easier. Also, everyone uses the same books! Winning!

And the best is yet to come: the site is free and will be so till eternity! We won’t spam you with ads either: all ads will be useful for you! Think about info about potential employers, or nice deals at (local) companies!

At this moment the network consists of TU Eindhoven (www.tueboeken.nl) and Universiteit Leiden (www.leidenunivboeken.nl).

TU/e Boeken

This version of tueboeken.nl was made with lot's of love in Eindhoven. Together with a team of 3 (Ranice Janssen, Ileen Smits and Laura Bosdriesz) the complete user interaction and design was renewed. Many thanks to them for helping in realising the new TU/e boeken!

Fancy a cup of tea? For comments regarding TU/e boeken contact Joris!

Sponsors & Partnerships: TU/e boeken

Wij staan open voor samenwerking. Wilt u jaarlijks ook meer dan 10.000 views op uw advertenties in Leiden, of nog veel meer via het landelijke netwerk? Geef ons eens een belletje of stuur een mail! Wij lichten graag alles uitgebreid toe, en zijn zeer flexibel in de mogelijkheden.

We are willing to join forces. Interested in more than 10.000 views a year on TU/e boeken or even more through the national network? Give us a call or send e-mail! We happily provide for extra information, and we are extremely flexible regarding possibilities.